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Experienced Professionals

Dedicated professionals with years of experience and a performance that speaks for itself. With decades of experience and performers who have an unmatched knowledge in the art of music. We will leave you and your guest with a memorable experience that supersedes any other level of entertainment.

More than the play button

We do it right!

We do much more than just play music. Our commitment begins the moment you book your special day.  We help you through the entire preparation process of your event.  We hold one-on-one event management meetings to guide you through the planning and help you customize and coordinate your event’s itinerary.


During your event, we work in conjunction with other professionals you hired to help your event flow without missing a beat. We will guide you and your loved ones through the entire event.


Furthermore, we will organize appropriate music to set the tone.  Ceremony music, background instrumentals and playing the right song, at the right time, creates the right mood and keeping your guest wanting more.


With our years experience and professional approach we will help you design the event that will leave your guest talking forever. 

A Goal for perfection!

Our Goal is simple; to work along with you when planning your party and provide you with a total entertainment experience that you can afford.


Entertaintainers within the soul!

DJs are easy to find, but “ENTERTAINERS” are very rare & it takes time, energy & research to find.  Our team will entertain you and your guests making the party of your dream a fun filled reality.

We take our work seriously! At your event there is no room for wrong songs. Let us help make your special night a smooth, painless & organized event so all you have to do is dance the night away.

promix entertainment

Promix Entertainment Ltd is a Mauritius based Entertainment Company that takes care of your event from start to finish.


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